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Welcome to the
Jessamine Amateur Wireless Society
Jessamine Amateur Wireless Society
P.O. Box 273
Nicholasville, KY 40356
Our club call, K4HH,
is in memory of

Herbert H “Pete” Royse, Jr

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If you are a HAM and have access to a 2m radio please participate in our weekly rag-chew/ARES net held every
Thursday at 7:30 est on 145.490 - (no tone required).

Bill Cotter - N4LG  - President
Pete Kragh - K2UPD - Vice President
Danny Moss - AC4LL - Treasurer
Fred Lassiter - N4OJT - Secretary

**** A Message from Bill, N4LG to all Amateurs in Central KY ****

On behalf of the Officers and Members of the Jessamine County Wireless Society, we
would like to introduce our club and ourselves to you. JAWS is a small community of
radio enthusiasts who share a common interest in all facets of amateur radio.

Our association was formed over forty years ago by a small group of amateurs who
desired to have a local organization serving the county. They banded together to draw up
the bylaws, constitution and a simple club charter. JAWS was incorporated with the
State of Kentucky and has become a respected organization within our community.
The long success that the club has enjoyed since early on came from the establishment of
the JAWS repeater, WB4CWF (now K4HH) on 145.49mHz-, a cornerstones of local 2M
activity in Central Kentucky. This resource has served as a focal point for emergency
communications, for local traffic nets, and for an enjoyable place for hams to meet.
Our contacting you today stems from our desire to bring together those in our community
and surrounding counties who have an interest in amateur radio. From the database
records of the FCC, there are 178 licensed amateurs in Jessamine County, 700+ in
Fayette County and many more in the surrounding counties.

Whether you have been licensed for 40 years, just got your ticket today, or are simply
enjoy radio and are contemplating obtaining a license, we are here to share our
experience, extend a helping hand, and encourage you in your endeavor. Our members
would be glad to assist individuals or groups with obtaining their license and stations.
We invite you join us at one of our JAWS meetings held the second Monday of each
month, at the St. Joseph/RJ Corman Ambulatory Care Center, 1250 Keene Road,
Nicholasville, KY. We also encourage you to check into the Thursday evening JAWS net
at 7:30 pm on the K4HH (formerly WB4CWF) repeater 145.49mHz negative offset and the daily
JAWS informal rag chew net on 52.525 simplex 8-10pm.

If you are interested in becoming a member of JAWS, we would like to extend an offer to
join our club. Annual membership dues are $15, and for newcomers we will waive this
amount until January 2013. Feel free to pass this invitation on to any newcomers.

To receive E-mail postings and happenings from the JAWS community, we can subscribe
you to the JAWS listserver. Send us your name and E-mail address to:

Please feel free to contact the officers or me for any additional information or assistance.
73 de Bill Cotter, N4LG (

K4HH Repeaters
· 2m 145.49mHz  -600kHz offset
· 70cm 444.975 mHz  +5mHz offset

JAWS 2M Ragchew and ARES Net: Thursdays at 7:30pm on 145.49mHz.

Monthly JAWS Meeting - 2nd Monday,
St. Joseph Ambulatory Care Center, 1250

Keene Road, Nicholasville, KY

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